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Maione Frequent Questions

1Why does my skin feel sticky after using MAIONE Youth Original Essence? 

MAIONE Youth Original Essence is rich in collagen that forms a sticky protective layer on the skin to ensure active ingredients are fully absorbed, when used. Stickiness and the duration it last varies depending on skin type. However, after a week, the sticky feeling will diminish and your skin will become healthier!

2Is it alright to use make-up after applying MAIONE Youth Original Essence? 

MAIONE Youth Original Essence is a multi-function product. It can replace toner, moisturizer and skin treatment products that are used before make-up.
This product will not have any effect on make-up.

3Why did I develop acne and skin irritation after using MAIONE Youth Original Essence? 

There are several possibilities:

  • Oily Skin
    Over developed sebaceous glands can cause overactive sebum secretion.
    In this situation, cleanse skin thoroughly, dilute the essence with pure water in a 1:1 ratio and cut the application of essence to once a day.
  • Make-up
    Make-up containing chemicals and hazardous substances can cause an adverse reaction when used with MAIONE Youth Original Essence. Acne will usually improve and disappear after 10 days right here. Temporarily stop using the essence and resume after symptoms have subsided and skin is back to its normal condition.
  • Allergic reaction
    It could be due to an allergic reaction to high doses of collagen or an overdose of essence, causing an overdose of nutrition that the skin is unable to absorb. In such cases, dilute essence or stop using temporarily.
  • Accelerated metabolism rate
    Skin irritation could also be due to the accelerated metabolism rate dehydrating skin after it is replenished with collagen. As the old epidermal cells keep shedding off and new cells keep growing, it may cause temporary skin irritation. If the situation persists, dilute the essence. If it still persist after a few days, stop using for a week, then resume with diluted essence.

4Can I use MAIONE Youth Original Essence with sensitive skin? 

Firstly, distinguish whether skin is allergic or sensitive. If your skin is allergic, stop all products and look for the allergen. Then, cleanse your skin with water and stop all makeup (including skincare). Secondly, apply cold water (do not use ice). Avoid touching your skin with your hand and avoid seafood, spicy food or food with alcohol. If allergy persists, take some antihistamine. Common allergens include pollen, dust, cosmetics, food, medicine, age, pets, change of season, change of temperature and ultra-violet rays.

5Why do some people continue to have allergies after using MAIONE Youth Original Essence?

Everybody’s physique changes according to the environment they are in and what they consume. This will affect the skin’s condition especially if the immune system is compromised. If this happens, dilute the product with pure water or stop for a few days. Resume after skin and body recovers.

6Why do pores dilate after using MAIONE Youth Original Essence? 

This normally happens when weather is very dry. Pores dilate when the dermis tries to hydrate the epidermis. When the weather is dry, apply MAIONE Youth Original Essence more frequently to replenish moisture.

7Why is my skin darkening after using MAIONE Youth Original Essence

Skin darkening after a week to 20 days of using MAIONE Youth Original Essence could be due to the detoxification process. If products containing hormones, lead, mercury and other toxic substance were previously used, toxin could have built up in your skin. MAIONE Youth Original Essence stimulates metabolism, breaks down toxins and removes it from your skin. The metabolic cycle of skin is 28 days long. After that, skin will become bright and shiny.

8Why cant MAIONE Youth Original Essence be used together with products that contain hormones, lead and mercury? 

MAIONE Youth Original Essence is able to reach the dermis directly to break down toxins. If used together with hormones, lead and mercury, it will reduce efficacy and may worsen skin condition. Do not use MAIONE Youth Original Essence with products containing heavy metals.

9The weather is hot, how should I use MAIONE Youth Original Essence? 

Sebum secretion becomes more active when weather is hot. Adjust usage of essence according to skin condition.

10What is the pH for MAIONE Youth Original Essence? 

pH 6.2-6.5, similar to our skin’s pH.

11Would the smell of MAIONE Youth Original Essence change after sometime? 

The product is well sealed. As long as it is not exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight, the smell will not change.

12Can the shelf life reach three years without using preservatives? 

MAIONE Youth Original Essence uses extracts from natural ingredients that contain natural preservatives that last for 3 years.

13Why does the scent of MAIONE Youth Original Essence change? 

It uses extracts of natural ingredients and does not contain synthetic fragrances in order to keep its natural scent. The scent may differ according to weather and environmental conditions in which the natural ingredients grow but this will not affect the product’s efficacy.

14Does MAIONE Youth Original Essence contain any prohibited ingredients or hormones? 

Other than natural extracts and cutting-edge anti-aging ingredients, there are no other chemical additives. It has been widely tested and certified


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