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Daily Commitment to success means that to achieve success within The Advert Platform (TAP), every day you should be doing the following:

1) Buy more Credit Packs until you hit 1500 (and then maintain them). You will then have reach Diamond Level membership.Start buying advertising credit packs, , as many as you can  ! As your revenue grows you will be able to add more new credit packs regularly . Focus on growing your credit packs number, dont let all the various opportunities you will see , distract you.
Earning daily revenue  & Buying Credits Packs is highly Addictive.  be ADDICTED to achieving Diamond Level.

2) Click and visualize 12 advertised sites every 24 hours.In order to be earning revenue share every 20mn/day, your only obligation is to visualize 10 advertised sites. I spend around 10mn per day to do so.

3) Share the business with at least two people daily.Although it is not necessary to recruit to be able to earn revenue share , if you do share the benefits of your advertising business you will reach Diamond Level faster and achieve financial freedom much faster .
Imagine if you let two people know about ), and they let two more people know, and they in turn let two more people know. How quickly is your referral rate is going to explode?  you do the math. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing and what you’re selling, then you’ll find it difficult NOT to share the business with two people each and every day.
Please note, by introducing someone to MAP is simply an affiliate program (=recommendation program) and no multi-level marketing.

4) Read, study and engage in personal development for 30 minutes daily.  In your MAP Personal account you have access to motivational books in your  Success Library. I read, listen , watch videos, learn from leaders to develop my millionaire mindset.

5) Listen and participate in webinars and calls from your sponsor and your group , review the TAP presentation , participate in the facebook group.  Again, this is about absorbing yourself in the  mentality and the material .This will be useful for you  when talking to people about the business.

6) Use your credit packs to advertise your products, services, promote your website.With every credit pack you purchase you gain the possibility to place your own online advertisement in MAP’s traffic exchange. This is optional but enables you to promote your own or other’s websites, products or services.

If you do not have any products or website , create an account with Clickbank, JVZOO or/& 1TPE.com for french products Become an affiliate . Chose a product that interest you , advertise in Map to bring traffic to this product by allocating credits, if someone buy this ebook you will earn a commission. You can advertise up to 15 products. You can also advertise buy buying banner space.


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